Established in 2015 and based in London U.K., Contraband is a movement about street-culture and fine-art. From walls and streets of London and now seen all around the world by chapters,"C." is not just a symbol, Contraband is about respect the artistic integrity of those like who continue to push boundaries and break rules with their art, and inspire the world.

We endeavoured to highlight the work of the ones who are a part of today's culture.



Brice Gelot is a self-taught visual contemporary artist, born in 1985 in the city of Dijon (France). He start his passion for street photography, skateboarding and graffiti culture. Over the years, Brice gradually moved away from this media and has dedicated his life to create artworks around the world to portray his passion and create his own movement.

His work combines painting and sculpture exploring the dark side of life, mixing vanitas and calligraphy script style of lettering. It serves to remind us of our own mortality, our mistakes and failures of the inevitable transformation of life into death, because remember "memento mori".

Contact art gallery :
Saatchi, Los Angeles, USA
Maggio, London, UK

He currently lives and works in London, UK where is located his studio.

Brice Gelot in his studio, London, UK - 2019